About Me

Hi, my name is Jake. I was a construction worker and then project manager before I came to MIT. Below you will see some of the buildings I worked on in my career and my motley crew. My trade was sheetmetal, a profession where digital fabrication has been employed extensively in manufacturing processes. (In terms of the trades, sheet metal is very vertically integrated. We control the production from flat metal all the way up to functioning HVAC system.) There is a huge variety of custom parts in a commercial duct system and plasma tables have completely changed the way the industry operates upstream of installation. My goals for the class are 1) to build cool, practical stuff and 2) learn as much as I can about using digital fabrication techniques to manufacture highly specific and customized objects.

My mug.

A plasma cutter at work.

Womens Hospital. I worked on my tools for this job. Though more often than not I was just carrying things.

The University Medical Center. The first job I managed as a PM.

Aforementioned motley crew. I love these guys.