Week 3

FabISP In-Circuit Programmer

Milling the PCB, stuffing the PCB, and finally, programming the PCB.

Milling the board with fabmodules.org

The finished product... except I used the wrong outline. I had to remill a new board because this one was too narrow.

Stuffing the board. This wasn't too bad! My method was first putting some solder on the board and then soldering the components on. Some of the pieces liked to tombstone, but they worked out really well.

I tried to program the board, but ran into some errors (Couldn't find tinyUSB, but that was just an issue with Makefile. Turns out I needed to find the AVRISP. After fixing that, everything went smoothly and it seemed to program well. However, when testing, the computer couldn't recognize the FabISP...

Nico looked over my board, and found some copper connecting two of the USB pins. He cleaned that out and it seemed to work! Wooooo!!!