HTMAA - Week 7: Molding and Casting

Oomoo was the material of choice for making a mold to cast my hydrostone in.

I decided to cast an actual brick version of a screen print an activist/artist made to point out that there are multiple ways of voting and one is throwing a brick through a storefront window. (No, these aren't intended to be thrown through a window, but as a provocative piece.) I did my modeling in Rhino.

You don't need much of a bead of glue to hold down the wax you will ShopBot the positive out of.

You can create a margin around your model so it can fill.

Settings for carving the wax.

The tool needs to be zeroed in the Z axis.

Be sure to clip the zeroing plate to a metal part of the collet.

The spindle speed is in Hz. This is different from other machines.

The pressure pot is the best way to get bubbles out of your mold.

Measuring of the water and hydrostone mix can be done via weight scale.

The final mold. The cast was given away as a present before I could get a picture of it but the hydrostone held a lot of small bubbles at the bottom of it.