HTMAA - Week 11: Interface and Application Programming

For this week, I wanted to leverage one of my boards to trigger something on the internet. The board I used was my Input Devices week. I hooked up a capactive touch sensor to the service IFTTT (IF This Than That), which allows for triggering many different actions, based on a simple web API call.

You can describe which parameters go along with your request. Some of these come for free from the service and the context of your HTTP request, like the date and time. I chose to send along the degree to which the cap touch input device was being pressed.

The configuration is then packaged up into what they call a "recipe" that can then be modified using other inputs or outputs.

One thing I learned quickly is that the triggering of this send to the API was happening every single time through the loop in the python script I created to send these messages, which meant that hovering over the sensor send many, many emails.