Dhruv Jain

Molding and Casting

Ancient bottle

This assignment was meant to make a mold using the milling machine and then cast using a solidifying material.

I made a two-part mold of an ancient bottle using the rigit wax provided and casted the bottle using oommo.

This is my favorite assignment so far.

I wanted to make a simple two-part mold. To save time and reduce complexity, I thought of making one half mold and duplicating it to join together symmetrically. So, I made half mold of an ancient liquor bottle.

I printed the mold first only to realize that it's hard for two different rigid parts to align perfectly. So, I thought of making holes in both the parts for alignment. The generated mold is shown on the right. I cut the remaining parts using band saw to generate a good looking mold for my bottle.

Next I used set-screws to fill in those holes to align perfectly. Then mixed 1-parts of both oomoo in the cup, vaccummed them, pour them in the mold and vaccummed again. After 90 min, I removed the bottle, which looked good, except for minor air holes.