Dhruv Jain

Electronics Design

Designing the PCB board

This was not a very creative, kind of fixed project assignment. We were supposed to redesign the pre-designed hello world board, attach atleast a resistor, LED and switch, mill the board and solder the components to it.

This assignment went pretty okay for me. Nothing special, no mistakes. Except that it took a while to set up the Roland mill for correct usuage. The end mills were broken so one of the classmates - Jasime changed the mills. It worked pretty well from then and there

I had some proficienty with Eagle. So, I made the board and checked it. There were some problems with the wire traces being too close. It took it to Jeff during the office hours, and he changed the grid size, that allowed me to place the wires closer. Then I exported it in monochrome with 600 dpi png (both traces and the interior) using Jeff and Palash's tutorial instructions and everything went smoothly.

The machine and the computer had to be restarted a couple of times since there was a problem connecting with the linux terminal and machine. But, after restarting, everything worked well.