Sooyeon Jeong

Computer-Aided Design

The final project for How to Make (Almost) Anything class will be a bed frame and headboard with a robotic bedtime companion attached. The frame and the headboard will look like a cloud. This bed frame is for my 5 year-old son Jayden, who currently sleeps on a twin mattress placed on the living room floor. The bottom of the frame will have 3 drawers to utilize as storage space for my son's clothes, toys, etc.

I started trying to sketch and model the outer look of the bed frame with Inkscape. At first, I tried using the feature creating 3D box shape to model 3D view of the frame and the headboard. However, I soon realized it was not going to be as easy to illustrate what I was envisioning in an efficient way. So next, I tried to sketch the side, front and rear view of the bed separately. The side of the bed will be in a cloud shape and the star shaped robot with 3 DOFs will be attached on the headboard.

front view

side view

Next, I used antimony for 3D modeling. I blended five circles and three rectangles to create the side surface of the frame. And extruded the surface into 3D format. Then, I subtracted rounded 3D cube shape from the first extruded 3D shape to create space for the mattress. I didn't use the parameters to create the shapes so the final model probably is not symmetric but overall it was a satisfying experience to quickly create a 3D model. 

3D model of the bed using antimony