Sooyeon Jeong

Electronics Design

This week, the assignment was to redraw a given PCB design and add some components. I used EAGLE to redraw the board. It took a while to learn how to use the software but the SparkFun tutorials were really helpful. First, you start drawing the schematic by making connections and labeling them. It is much simpler than to manually add connections on the screen, which can get pretty messy. Here's the final look of the schematic:

After the schematic was finished, I generated the board from it and tried to route the connections. It took a long time because it was not so simple to create paths that did not overlap one another. After 2-3 hours, I created this PCB drawing.

Then, I exported the board design into png files.

With the trace and interior images, I milled out the board via FabModules in the shop. For some reason, the interior file kept cutting the part of the traces.

So at the end, I only cut out the traces and took the whole board to stuff components.