Sooyeon Jeong

Output Device

I designed a board for speaker output based on Neil's example board from the class website. I felt more comfortable using Eagle this time and had not much trouble drawing the schematic and the board layout.

This is how the board looks like after stuffing all the components.

With Dan's help I connected the speaker and burnt the bootloader of Neil's example code onto the board. One thing I learned is that you only burn the bootloader once. Because it tells creates the fuse (??) and tells the board what clock cycle to use. After that, you just upload the Arduino code onto the board with the arrow button on the Arduino IDE screen. Another thing Dan noticed about my board that was it was not flat at all. He said it could be why the outline cutout was not done properly. One tip to ensure that your copper board is flat before you mill it: put the board on a flat surface and press each corner with a finger and make sure the board doesn't bounce up and down. Mine definitely moved a lot.

Video link:

For the final project, I would like the board to play out a .wav file I recorded or downloaded. The tutorial for that was found in the High Low Tech website: