Computer Aided Design

The first week's assignment was to model the final project.

I would like to make a walking plant object.
Before the sketches, I would like to show this prposal that I submitted when I was undergrad back in 2006.(Fig.1) I remembered that I gained first prize, but had no skill to make it. In fact, people tend to have this idea to make plants move. Fig.2 shows a SF movie having alien trees attacking earth.
Even in the prior years of this same class, there was attempts (he changed his final project) sharing this concept.

Fig1. project proposal from 2006

Fig2. 1962 film "The Day of the Triffids"

I had four sketches for this project. I decided to use as much types of CAD software to model each of them.

Fig3. pot versions having different sections and wheel mechanisms.

Fig4. one with legs(no wheels), one with more than 4

I used Rhino and Grasshopper for the first one. I have been using Rhinoceros for a long time.

Fig5. wheels

Fig6. grasshopper for modeling 'soil'

Fig7. balances itself with gyro sensors.

Fig8. Rendering image using internal rendering.

Fig9. 2D drawing.

Then I moved to Antimony. It was easy and handy for me because of the base experience in Grasshopper. I also liked it using python, since Grasshopper can handle python code too.

Fig10. wheel part

Fig11. extruding pot

Fig12. base holder

Fig13. with color
the blue thing is a radar like solar-light sensor

I tried to use game engine Unity but it wasn't a modeling software afterall. I wanted to try Solid Works, but didn't have time.

Fig14. model in Unity