Shopbot week!

testing the fit after sanding.

This week was to make something big. In our house we only had two chairs, each for my and mi wife. We had a guest this week, so we made chairs using this weeks assignment.


I used plain (without using grasshopper) Rhinoceros to design my chair. I wanted my chair to be as light as possible, and be able to tuck my legs inside. This added orientation to the chair with one side lacking a support, so I deformed the top plane for easy identification.

Fig1. modelling (using Rhinoceros)

Fig2. from side (using Rhinoceros)

Fig3. piece layout


While the procedure was much more complicated than other weeks, the cutting went smoothly. I used 8 screws to fix the sheet to the base. When configuring the settings, I found that I miss calculated the thickness of the material, giving to much space to the notch size. but I when on.

Fig4. cutting

Fig5. finished cutting

Sanding and Gluing

Sanding and gluing took time more than cutting. I used 2 hours of sanding first using the steel sanding bar, and the #80 sanding paper. I test assembled the pieces to ensure the pieces fit neatly. One slot was missing its position, so I used the chisel to adjust that. I knew that the key in assemble is how much pressure you apply in the gluing phase, so I used as much clamps as I can and left that for 4 hours.

Fig6. testing

Fig7. clamping gluing