This week we are designing our own version of the hello-world board. We are also adding a button and a LED.


After goint to this week's (very helpful!) recitation I went ahead and downloaded the free version of EAGLE. I followed the sparkfun tutorials very closely to design my board.


Making the board
After making the schematic you have to lay out the board. Click the 'Generate/Switch to board' button (and always have both windows open, if you close one and change the other, they won't sink up anymore. This happened to me, because making the board is realtively quick, I just deleted the 'board' file and started over.)


Milling and Stuffing

(Very similar to week 2) I used the Roland mill to cut out the traces (1/64in endmill, 0.11 cut depth) and the outline (1/32in endmill, 3 passes).


For stuffing, I started in the middle of the board and made sure that all joints are smooth and shiny.