Project 03: 3D Printing and Scanning

3D Scanning

I started out the week with the plan of 3D scanning an audience mask from Sleep No More, an immersive theatre piece in New York. In Sleep No More, you have free reign of a five-story hotel built specifically for the performance, but are required to wear a mask like this at all times.

I scanned the mask twice. First, I used the 123D Catch iPhone app. It didn't turn out so great.

123D Catch page

Then, I used the Next Engine scanner to do a higher-quality scan. My first attempt turned out disastrously - it came unattached from the stand halfway through - but the second scan was rather good.

3D Printing

Originally, I wanted to make something practical.

First, this was a shot glass, but I realized that wouldn't really work. The plastic we're using to print is food-safe, but its surface is too scratchy and porous; without using some sort of sealant, it would quickly become a harbor for bacteria after use. Perhaps an idea to keep in mind for when we do molding and casing.

Second, I wanted to make a bottle opener – what can I say, I clearly have beverages on the mind. However, my preferred style of bottle opener is the flat kind. While I could easily have 3D printed a nice opener, I could have just as easily made that sort of opener using acryllic and a laser cutter. Not quite in the spirit of the assignment, I'm afraid.

I settled on making a 3D version of the Apple logo. While my 3D modelling skills may not be the best, my first print turned out great. The stem, which was originally a basic cylinder, ended up looking far more Apple-like due to the hot plastic collapsing on itself.

Antimony file

For previous assignments, I've enjoyed using Antimony for more geometrical modelling. This was my attempt to use it for more creative, artistic work. I wasn't particularly satisfied with the result; for future exercises, I may attempt to spend more time learning Rhino properly.