Brendan Attempts to Make Some Things


Application Programming: Arduino Huzzah

  • Technologies: Roland Mill
  • Week: 9

As part of my final project, I built a webserver, hosted on an Arduino Huzzah, that takess input from an accelerometer and determines whether or not that device is currently on a washing machine.

Design of Board 1

After so many unsuccessful attempts during input and output weeks, and my not knowing how to ask for help, I was just using the "hello.accelerometer" board as a stop gap as I continued through spiral development. Unfortunately, my development cycle ended there, as too many other projects continued going up for me to use one of my custom made boards.

Design of Board 1

The application itself is simply a modified version of the logic that Neil's python code uses in order tell the current acceleration of the board, except that it is written in C. From there, it calculates the deviation of accelerometer readings (|x_acc - old_x_acc| + |y_acc - old_y_acc|) of every 100 readings, and if that number exceeds some threshold, then the program is considered to be on. From there, I made a webserver that weves statically serves two pages, based on whether it is on or off. I would like much more interactivity in the future, but this was a start. Much more detail on this project are featured in my final project page.