Brendan Attempts to Make Some Things


Electronics Design: Hello Echo Board

This week was my first dive into

  • Technologies: Eagle, Roland Mill, PCB, Soldering
  • Week: 5

I based my design for this week on the FabAcademy tutorial, which proved extremely helpful. Making the schematic was not too bad, following this.

Completed Schematic in Eagle
Finished Schematic

Routing, on the other hand, proved far more difficult. I initially attempted to use the auto-route tool, but that proved to be difficult.

Eagle Board in Progress
Eagle Board in Progress

I ended up completely routing by hand, though some of the traces were closer together than I would like in the future.

Board in Eagle
Finished Board

After this, it was just repeating the same steps for milling and stuffing.

Rough Solder
First round of soldering
After taking this picutre, I noticed that some of the joints were not as shiny as they should be, so I resoldered some pieces. I'm looking forward to programming this in two weeks!
Finished Board
Finished board