Brendan Attempts to Make Some Things


Output Devices: Speaker Board

I like to think as every failure as a setup for a comeback story. It looks like I'm going to have a hell of a comeback story next week.

  • Technologies: Roland Mill, Speaker
  • Week: 8

After looking through all the possible devices to try and implement, it seemed like programming a speaker to be even more irritating than the pseudo-random noise generator would be a worthwhile endeavor. Thus begins the story of three boards, all of which were uniquely but equally non-functional.

Design of Board 1 and 2

Board 1

Board 1 began like most, with a design in eagle, exporting it to the fab modules, and milling it on the roland mill. Unfortunately, I vacuumed up the board, and after an hour of search, admitted defeat, assuming it was lost in the pile of wax in the vacuum cleaner forever

Board 2

After giving up on this search a defeated man, I re-milled the same board, and this time removed it before vacuuming. It was at this point I realized that I never checked the design rules in Eagle, and that three of the traces were far too close together to be milled successfully. =

Design of Board 3

Board 3

This time, I just milled Neil's board. However, the outer cut chopped off part of the inside of the board, making the traces very thin and the pads for the speaker and power very small. WHile I was stuffing this board, two of the traces came straight off, and my attempts at surgery were unsuccesful. During this time, Angie also sucked up her board, and in the process of looking for hers, found mine, also on top of the wax pile. My best guess for what happened is that the tape caused my board to stick on top of the vacuum, but after more vacuuming, it popped off and went into the wax pile.

Back to Board 1

I put jumper cables on board 1, and cut the necessary traces, and tested to see that all connections that should be there were and that all that should not were not. After this, I stuffed the board, but my attempts to program it were unsuccessful, leading me to the dreaded rc=-1 error. My current best guess for what happened is that I fried the chip by powering it the wrong way with a voltage of 9V, so I'll replace it later today and see if this works better.

Stuffed board, with jumper cables in all their glory