Brendan Attempts to Make Some Things


Input Devices: Many Non-functional Boards

  • Technologies: Roland Mill
  • Week: 9

The boards attempted this week included a piezo board with an RGB LED and a piezo buzzer taht would be used for input signals for vibration. However, after milling and soldering the board, I continued to receive "rc=-1" errors, despite removing and resoldreing components many times. After this, I assumed there was a short I wasn't able to find in my board and thought it best to switch up directions.

Design of Board 1

After this, I decided to make an accelerometer board with two switches. Again, same issue of "rc=-1," despite . I assume I am having very bad soldering jobs. Following this, I simply wanted to make something, and printed the "hello.accelerometer" board during my final project week, which I was able to succcessfully stuff and program.

Design of Board 1

After giving up on this search a defeated man, I re-milled the same board, and this time removed it before vacuuming. It was at this point I realized that I never checked the design rules in Eagle, and that three of the traces were far too close together to be milled successfully. =

The two accelerometer boards