Tiffany Cheng

Made [almost]


Make something BIG

It was my very first time CNC milling, so I was super excited and wanted to make everything! Bookshelves, shoe racks, coat hangers -- basically all the furniture because I had just relocated to a new bedroom. One of the windows in my room provides access to the roof, which is currently barren; I decided to make tables/stools for that space. I also needed to have a tetrahedral lattice to dry my clothing since our dryer is currently broken.

  • T O O L S
  • CNC Router: ShopBot
  • Software: VCarve
  • Material: OSB
  • Listening to: loud noises

I started modeling stuff in Rhino. It was quick and I didn't use much Grashopper. In the future it will be nice to write a definition for detailing the polyhedron node connections.

My first time milling! The whole process was completely painless and my pieces cut beautifully. Initially, I was a little bit intimidated because I have opened up MasterCAM in the past and it was hard to decipher what was going on. VCarve is super easy to use.

Here are the parts for my table/stool. This design is totally straightforward and there are only 3 pieces.

Tada! I also sat on it, but it's not very comfortable.

It looks lovely with candles and pumpkins.

Here are all of the components to the tetrahedra. I spent some time sanding them; because of its many edges, it's very easy to get splinters. I got some gnarly ones in my thumb - wear work gloves!

Assembly required. Start with one vertice, then add the rest of the edges.

Here be 3 of them.

Aggregated. I will make more for the lattice!