How to Make (almost) Anything

Modular Machines

The modular machine project is a group assignment for the entire Harvard section. Our task was to utilize the modular machine buidling components developed by James Coleman and Nadya Peek which can be found here. This modular building kit includes linear stages, Gestalt nodes, and Gestalt programming environment and was created with the intention of being able to quickly plug and play machine components to generate a diverse range of functionality. Our section decided to utilize 4 linear stages to create a cake icing 3d printer. The tasks to complete this project were broken up into groups and my group was in charge of designing and building the machine frame or chassis. I inititially worked on mocking up the assembly as a 3D model and determining the spacing and arrangement of the linear stages. I also worked out the horizontal and vertical support members based upon the travel distances for the stepper motors. Justin took up the lasercut prep for the vertical support members and Gabe and Albert lasercut the pieces out of cardboard. We then all worked together to assemble the components, which involved a lot of manually turning the lead screws to ensure clear travel as well as copious amounts of hot glue for stabilization.

Full project documentation here