Week 1 - Laser Cutting / Vinyl Cutting


Project 02a
Mini Project#1_Press fitting a cube to make a 3d 4-in-a-line game. The game if for 3-4 players. Sequences of 4 shapes can be achieved on all faces of the cube (except the bottom one).
Project 02b
Mini Project #1_Cutting and press fitting a cube was more challenging than I thought. Finding the right arrangement of interlocking "teeth". Also scoring on the cardboard with out ruining the "teeth" of the press fit was difficult.
Project 02c
Project #2_Press Fit of a rib structure made according to a double-curved surface.
Project 02f
Project 02c
Project #2_Here I Attempted to make a mesh from the cardboard that will bend to sit on the ribs. Didn't quiet succees in achiving the material properties needed for that
Project 02e
Project 02g