Liz McCormick


Final Project Ideas


Project 02c

In thinking about what to create for a final project for this class, I'm planning to build something to use as a test-tool for my research ideas. I'm a second-year Building Technology student graduating at the end of the Spring. I'm planning to test different building envelope systems to modulate thermal and moisture transfer in hot-humid climates. In order to do this, I'm creating an "environment box" to simultaneously simulate both environments: the hot/humid outside, and the cool/dry interior. The box will have humidty and temperature sensors and will have a removable piece to insert different interventions.
Building professionals have been testing facades for years, although it is not often done at this scale. Below are a few examples of artificial environments used commercially.
Project 02a
Project 02b
Thermal scanning is a common way for building professionals to clearly see where temperature differentials exist. I'd love to somehow integrate this technology into the project.
Project 02c
Here are some quick orthographic views that I built in Rhino. Each "environment" will be 1 cubic foot, and the interchangable facade insert is 1 square foot. Though this will be a tool used for scientific testing, I want it to be a beautiful object on it's own.