Liz McCormick


Week 11 - Application Programming


This weeks assignment was to write an application that interfaces with an input and/or output device that you made from previous weeks

Project Planning & Prep


Project 02a
Here's my environmental box that I'm using for my final project. For right now, I'm only focusing on the "exterior" heating chamber.
Project 02a
The code will need to record, regulate, measure, and display. Here's a sketch of what I think the dashboard should look like. Ideally, this is wifi-broadcast to my computer but the box itself will need to have a little LCD display screen as well. It wont be as complicated as this dashboard though.
The dashboard is divided into 3 parts and a power button. From left to right: the psychometric chart will display where the two chambers sit in relation to ASHRAE defined comfort standards. In the center it's just a basic reading of the conditions within the chamber. On the right, it will show how the temperatures and humidities are changing over time.
Project 02c
Here are some dashboard displays from other products.
Project 02b
So I spent the majority of this week watching processing tutorials... I'm feeling a little more comfortable now, but coding is still a really foreign concept to me.
This was a really great (and interactive) tutorial"
And here's a link to some other helpful tutorials"
Project 02b
Here's the code for the little toy at the top of the screen.
If you're wondering how I embedded the processing file into my page, take a look at this website here."
Project 02c
When you complete the tutorial it gives you this really impressive looking certificate...