Week 10: Composites

This week I milled my studio site with blue foam and then laid burlap over it just to experiment with composites and topographic surfaces.
Blue foam is a really common material to use for architecture studios, you can mill it fairly cheaply and quickly, but it looks horrible next
to models. So I thought I would try laying burlap over the blue foam landscape to see if it gives a more natural look.

Blue foam topo.

I don't have process pictures because my hands were covered in resin (gloved hands!). The process is simple. After milling, I brought the model into RPL
and cut three layers of burlap. I covered the part of the model I was using with tin foil, sprayed mold release over it, weighed the fabric
and measured the epoxy. On the waxed board the TAs provided for us, I began covering my burlap with the mixture, being careful to soak every
part of the fabric. I then placed the layers on the model and weighed it down with water, because we were warned that foam might break under
the pressure of the vaccuum.