Week 2: Press-Fit Construction Kit

I am familiar with laser cutting, so this week I wanted to focus on Grasshopper which I have barely used and am determined to get better.
I played with several different scripts to begin to design a dog house. The priority for me at this stage was not the shape of the house
but figuring out how to build a parametric waffle structure. It was very tricky and I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped.
The problem is mostly that I couldn't make the ribs meet each other perfectly, they are offset from each other in the final model because
I had to give up scripting and print at some point. I found a cool component which creates slits for joints like this, but only with boxes or
rectilinear surfaces, and I was working with curves. I finally baked, intersected in Rhino, and realized that my offset joints wouldn't fit properly
because the intersections slant at an angle through the material and the laser cutter only does 90 degrees... a very obvious problem that I only
realized when it was too late! But I made the model and consider it an okay start to curvy Grasshopper waffles.

Scripting fun (not so much)

Looking okay but these pieces are too thin to lasercut in cardboard (or anything really).

Adding cuttable width

Subtracting the amount of elements for my sanity

Lasercut vectors

The little model. To be improved.

For the vinyl cut assignment, I of course chose an image of an Australian shepherd.

Next time I will choose a continuous image to create one whole sticker, as well as reverse the black and white. I could use the negative as a
stencil for spray paint, however. This was only tricky because I couldn't find the transfer tape in the shop.