Week 3: Electronics production

This week was my first experience making electronics, and it was very straightforward. I followed all the instructions, Max and Yasaman's
great tutorials, and everything worked on my first try. However... I do not fully understand how they are working or what they are doing.
I think I need an "explain like I'm 5" tutorial this week.

First I milled my boards, setting my y back to have a fresh underlay which I thought might help with the very delicate balance required for this mill job.
I carefully placed 6 rows of double sided tape under the board and ensured there were no wrinkles or overlap.
I used the 1/64 bit to mill the traces, took notes of the origin for each job, and sent the bit back to those coordinates to mill the outline with the 1/32 bit.

The two milled boards.

Adding components. I found it was essential to cover the tip of the soldering iron with a film of solder to improve the transfer of solder. Otherwise the solder
would not stick to the tip at all, or ball up in too-large globs.

I had no problems soldering luckily! #finemotorskills

They were both successfully programmed!