Week 7: Embedded programming

After downloading Arduino and loading the ATtiny boards (the High-Low Tech tutorial instructions to insert the URL in the Additional Boards Manager window worked for me while the Fab Academy instructions to download a zip file did not). I copy-pasted the code example and checked to see that pin 7 was connected to the LED and pin 3 was connected to the button, which they were. It didn't work, and so I began to learn about my many mistakes thanks to Hunmin. First of all, I had forgotten to remove the soldered jumps in my programmer from the first electronics week, which I did with copper braid. I also made mistakes in the design of my LED-button board: I used the wrong resistor, a 4993 instead of a 4990. The last digit is the power of 10, so the resistor I was using was much too big and therefore the current flowing to the LED was much too small. I also failed to connect the VCC pin in the ATtiny to the VCC in the connector, which had to be resolved with a jump wire. Also, I named and labelled the pins in my 6-pin header, so that component was essentially upside down. Once I resolved all these mistakes, I tried to send the code again in Arduino and it still didn't work, due to a driver problem with my computer, as Hunmin deduced. The board did work when connected to the fablab computer.