Week 9: Input devices

I made an input and output board to use for my final project. The board is designed to detect motion with a sensor and illuminate an LED strip when the sensor is activated. The
input part of this project was more challenging than the output, as I struggled to make the sensor work for me. This board and schematic ended up changing a lot with addition and subtractions in
soldering to debug the board- I ended up removing the mosfets as they had no real function on the board, replacing the 20mh resonator with a 16, and adding female pin headers.

The milled and stuffed board programmed immediately with Arduino, but the programmed board refused to be programmed because all the pins were high and would not be programmed
low. I got no error messages in Arduino for this. We got it to work with a small LED and once I switched to using a 9 volt battery for the power source and replaced the 20 megahurtz resonator
with a 16 megahertz resonator, the board finally began to program. I struggled with the pyroelectric motion sensor (HC-SR501) for ages before switching to the ultrasonic distance measuring module
for Arduino (HC-Sr04) which worked much better. I programmed the LED to glow red and then switch to green when detecting motion.