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Assignment 1: Computer-Controlled Cutting

I was an architecture student when undergraduate. I have used laser cutting before, but in most situations, I used glue to connect different parts. And also I have never used the vinyl cut before. This week the assignment is to design and make a press-fit kit and also cut something by vinyl cut. At the same time, all the processes and works need to be posted on personal website.

Website Building

At first, I spent nearly two days in learning git and html. Following the tutorials and recitation, I set up the repository and built a basic personal site by referring to existing modes. I learned that git is a very powerful tool different from other platform like dropbox. More than uploading files to the cloud, git is a method to synchronize the files and also a way to manage a complicated project. I also learned the basics of html. This is the first time for me to use html and css, besides my elementary frame so far, I will improve my website gradually.

Laser Cutting

Then is the laser cutting. At first I modeled in rhino, I just tried different forms. I used grasshopper to make a curve shelf. The whole shelf was based on a curved surface. Opening and dragging the control points of the surface, the components of the shelf changed as well.

After that I wanted to make something functional. I drew the curves and circles and tried to make a 3-D plant bottle by 2-D components. I can use it to do a shadow experiment at different times in one day. The process of designing and drawing was not that complicated, by comparison the fine tuning took me quite a few time.

After that I went to the shop and started to make the model by laser cutter:

Assembling and model completed:

Under the sunshine:

Vinyl Cutting

I have never used vinyl cutting before. I converted a picture of tree into sketch and png format in photoshop. during setting up,to make the piece in the right position took me a few time. I fixed it following the instructions on the manual.