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Assignment 13: Machine Design

Machine design is a group work. We followed the basic instructions on MTM. Our work is based on a framework for the rapid prototyping of rapid prototyping machines.

Prototype made by James and Nadya:

The first step is to make 4 of the stages. The simple parts can be assembled into nearly endless functions. For our group, we want to make a toast machine. My major contribution is the assembling, cutting and connecting. Gestalt Framework is the software used to program and control. Gestalt Node is programmed with an AVR. And the next step is to use pyserial module to talk. After all of the codes being prepared, everything can be connected and the last step is to plug the board. By giving the coordinate, machine can be controlled.

We first prepared the wires we need. Then by using laser cut, we got the cardboard part layout.

Some parts of the cardboard need to be folded several times. So the edges are dealt like this:

There are very subtle difference between some lay out. Before gluing everything, we tested the assembling. Also We fixed the motor on the cardboard by using nails. At first we first forgot to add the motor, so we took the stage apart and added the motor into it.

Then we got 4 stages, the basic test of the motor worked.

The next steps:

Then we assembled everything. The electric and programming part is mostly done by my partners in the group. We got the stages to move!

After that, on Wednesday morning, we started to see if it can toast a bread. The head of it is for soldering actually. I helped Logan to adjust the position of the bread several times, and we got a triangle working.

Finally, by exporting the coordinates in a rhino file, we got "HTM" on the top of the bread.