Original Idea: Aatayal Music Pot

Final Idea: Miss U: Kiki & BoBo

“Sometimes I feel lonely because I study abroad.”
“I just miss Tina, but I actually don’t have anything special I want to share with her”
“Long distance is hard, finding a time to chat with my boyfriend is hard. Sometimes I just miss him, but I don’t really want to bother him”
“My mom always calls me while I’m in class.”
“Catching up takes times, but sometimes I just want to let someone know that I miss them, but don’t really want to spend time to catch up for half an hour.”

As we grow up, it’s actually harder to connect friends and family, and it’s harder when we live long distance because of busy schedules and time differences. After interviewing 10 people who are in long distance relationships with family, partners or friends, 7 of them reported contacting their partner every day, only 2 contacted their famliy every day, and none of them contacted their friends everyday. The commonly cited reason: “It’s hard to find a time that is good for everyone.” Nowadays, when we miss someone and want to chat with him/her, because of busy schedules and time differences, what we need to do is no longer simply picking up the phone and making a call, but sending a text message first to make sure if he/she is free instead.
One other situaction is that we just think of someone, but don’t actually have a lot to say to them, or we are busy, and we don’t have enough time to catch up. What we want might be to just give them a signal to let them know we are fine and we miss them.

Kiki & BoBo are designed to slove those situation

CAD Design