Kumamon is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

Press-fit laser cut construction kit

I've learned to use laser cutter for a few years, however, I never knew that I could easily transfer my 3D model to 2D slices. Instead of making something useful, I decided to make something cute for this assignment. Learning to use software to make 3D to 2D is so fun! The slicer function of 123D Make interests me a lot. Before making KUMAMON, I actually tried lots of different 3D models. However, most of them are hard to assembly after cutting.

Laser cut the piece


Video of how to assemble it

I spray-painted it and made eyes and month for it so that it looks like a real Kumamon! Haha I was asked where to buy it when I brought it on the street :P

Vinyl cutter

This is my first time to use vinyl cutter. I tried to cut the image I drew before.

I sticked it on my small sauce boat and it's super cute! :D