Temperature Sensor

There are a couple of sensors that measure temperature. One of them is thermistor, according to wiki, thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. Thermistors are of two opposite fundamental types which are:
-With NTC, resistance Decreases as temperature rises to protect against inrush overvoltage conditions. Commonly installed series in a circuit.
-With PTC, resistance Increases as temperature rises to protect against overcurrent conditions. Commonly installed series in a circuit. However, what I used for this week is resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), which is differ from thermistor in that the material used in RTDs is pure metals, while a thermistor is generally a ceramic or polymer.

Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensor is what we use this time, here is the datasheet


I first tried to use Neil's board and code to understand how it works.

After milling the board, connected it with ISP and computer.

For this week, I still can't successful program my board with my computer and need to use the computer in the shop to do so, I asked for lots of people and tried different ways to figure it out but it still not work... That's very annoying and fustrating.

I used Neil's code and it works pretty well!! And I also tried to write a simple Arduino code for it. Here are the photos! (I forgot to vedio it...)

Board Design

For my final project, I want to make a twin devices that one can communitcate with the other. The idea is to let people with long distance that can easily transfer their emotion to say "I miss you" without bothering the other's schedule. To make it more emotional, I want to use temperture senser to be the input. So I tried to design a new board with temperture sensor as an input and RGB led as a output.
Here is my new board!