As usual, I milled Neil's board at first to test how it works!

Making the board

I decided to make two, so that I can use it to prototype the light of my final project.

I also tried to power the board with battery so that I could make it wireless.


I played around with the code and tried different lighting that might be used for my final project, and here is the final code that I think I might use for my final project.

It automatically, change the color from red to purple, just like a rainbow!!


I put the board inside the 3D print I printed for my final project, and it looks great!!

PCB Design

Also I kept motifying the board for my final project. Since I'm going to use Bluetooth to make wireless communication, I changed my microcontroller to ATmega328P to get more pins, and I also saved the pins for my Bluetooth. After milling my new board, I actually program my new board with the RGB code I used above, and it works well!