Week Eight

Molding and Casting

This week we were asked to both 3D mill A positive for a mold and then use that to make a negative mold to make a positive again. PHEW. lots of back and forth. Since we were given a small block of wax to work with, I decided to do something small and fun and cute. My dorm hall's mascot is an inchworm so I thought I would make an army of inchworms and leave them everywhere! MWAHAHAHA :)

  • First, I designed the mold in Solidworks. this was a relatively straight-forward process, and I was soon ready to ove onto the next step.

  • With quite a lot of help from a lab TA (Niko), I was able to design the tool path for the mold for use on the shopbot.

  • Using the shopbot, I was able to make my positive for the mold. The wax block had to be hot glues to the MDF base and I had to zero the machine as well.

  • Here's an image of the completed mold for the mold.

  • With a silicone food-safe plastic, I mixed the powder with water, and poured it into the mold-making mold. I made sure to spray it with mold release first, and was cautious to get rid of any lumps that I could before pouring.

  • Once cast, the mold only took about 4 minutes to harden. It was a little bit more squishy than I had hoped for, and was unsure of how well this would work as a chocolate mold.

  • I made 4 food safe molds in an attmpt to mass-produce my inchworm chocolates for hall. I clamped them together, melted the chocolate and filled the molds. well, I thought I filled the molds. The chocolates didn't end up hardening completely so I ditched the chocolates idea and instead decided to make a nice little plaster inchworm.

  • I made a new mold with the OOMOO 30 for the plaster inchworm. This one took about an hour to dry completely.

  • I clamped the mold together and mixed the plasted together and poured it in the mold.

  • This is the final cast ofthe little inchworm! With a little bit of sanding, the little inchworm stood all on its own. :)

  • UPDATE: I haven't gotten the chance to fill hall yet because of how busy I am, and the one I made didn't survive my hall very long (they're destructive) and it was quickly dropped and broke into 4 pieces. An army will need to be made to fill hall and get vengence for the murder of the plaster inchworm.