This week we used a computer software called Eagle to design and cut our very own Arduinos. The software wasn't very user-friendly and I spent a long time struggling with the libraries and just starting to use the system.

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  • The first attempt I made at the circuit board was a disaster. I couldn't manage to separate the individual connections and they all stuck together. The AutoRouting feature seemed to only cause problems for me and refused to route all of the wires that I needed it to.

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  • On the second attempt, I still used Auto Routing but I moved the components around. I was sure this time that it would work so I tried cutting it on the Modela. It still couldnt separate some of the wires and ended up being another bust.

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  • Third Try! this time, when I cut it , It came out nicely! yay!

  • This shows how the modela will cut the board, with my initials and cute dragon in the corner!

  • This si the after cut of the board. After this I soldered on the parts and programmed it. I got a green light! yay! It works great! what a success :)