This weeks task was to read a Microcontroller data sheet and to program the board to do something.

The data sheet is long and dull but does explain how the ATtiny works. It also describes all of it pins and how to code it.

  • I wired the board that I made to the computer in order to code it using the arduinoIDE. The most difficult part was getting the arduinoIDE platform to recognize my homemade arduino. I had to install a bootlooader that would allow me to recognize the ATtiny44.

  • I finally managed to code it to send out commands to the computer such as "hello world" and "hi I'm a baby arduino :)" I tried my best to get a little servo running off of the arduino as well....however, I continued to run into problems with the uploading. It worked once.... but once I plugged it in again It wouldn't reconnect. I tried several times and even tried remaking the board but the communications seemed to fail again and again. I just ordered my own USBtinyISP device in hopes that theres a poor connection with my programmer and not any arduino and my computer. Hopefully this will be easy to fix, I'm goign to ask some of my EECS friends in the class to help.