This week we were asked to use wifi or bluetooth to connect two different modules together.

  • I decided that I would try the bluetooth chips since I thought maybe I could control my wings( my final project) with a controller connected by BLE through bluetooth. I made two chips and attached them to the computer to test them. Through some online tutorial, I discovered the way to control the bluetooth. If you open th Serial port in the Arduino IDE and type in AT and get a response of OK you are talking directly to the bluetooth and it works. I made one of them the slave and one of them the master.

  • I connected them to two arduino pro minis after discovering once again that the connections with my computer failed once again.

  • I wrote a code for them that uses serial to communicate from one arduino to the other. Using this I made a servo run on one arduino by pressing a button on the other. The only problem with this is they don't work without the computer's serial terminal.