This week, which happened to be Thanksgiving break (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!) turned out to be quite problematic when it came to me getting work done. Spending time with family for the weekend and then ending up sick just lead to problem after problem. But, anyways, I digress, this week we were asked to write an application that interfaces with an output &/or input device comparing as many tools as possible.

The hardest part was the lack of ability to use any of my previous boards. Several were shorted, many never worked in the first place, and the input/output one I had designed couldn't be cut until I was back in lab. I started writing up some code for a cute little game using a joystick (which I ordered and should arrive in the next couple days) and am excited to see how well it works. Maybe I'll even wire up a button or two and make it a more effective/better game with more controls. Honestly, coding is a bit difficult for me so this may take me a bit extra time to finish. (Pictures to be posted soon)