So the goal for this week was to make a cricuit that would enable me to do high-speed photometric stereo. This means I would take a picture using an Arducam from 4 different lighting positions. I would take a picture of a repeatable process, and trigger the lights at microsecond intervals, allowing me to take high speed photos

I designed the circuit in eagle using an ATTINY26. BIG MISTAKE. The software support for it is terrible (arduino ide). That being said, it has 16 io ports, and a nice soldering package

So here is the first software error i found, mostly that the core + boards.txt file for the arduino ide are not really supported for the attiny26. There are custom ones out there, but nothing well documented / up to date with arduino 1.6

I tried to change an existing boards.txt file, but it still failed. This could be due to a communication issue from before tho. Will check it out.

So instead, I tried programming everything thorugh the windows IDE (Atmel studio). There were some comm issues whcih were fixed by resoldering.


Some images of the board. When i first went to mill, there was an issue with the bowing of the base.


This caused the bit to not consistently mill


So i replaced the sacrificial layer. Not my favorite process. (Can you tell im writing this the day after trump got elected?)