Week 14: Building a machine

This week we had to come together as a group to build a multi axis machine that would do something!


We decided as a group to build a machine that could burn images unto toast. In this case, we wanted to burn a photo of Neil unto a piece of toast.

Image we wanted to burn on the toaast

What I did

For the project, I helped with the power milling and stuffing. We were able to mill the board almost correctly. It came out with some rough edges from the milling, but we were able to sand them off. After this, I helped troubleshoot the electronics system, and burned one of the control boards by mistakenly shifting the pin connection on it. Later on, I helped with the assembly of the entire machine in the Architecture shop, and helped out slightly in the debugging of the initial code to get the machine to run. I also helped out putting the soldering iron on the machine and making it sturdy enough to be used.

Here are the images of the work that was done.

In class demo

We ended up presenting in class. We were able to get the letters HTM into a piece of toast! That morning I helped out with the calibration of the system for the final demo.