Week 7: Embedded Programming

This week we had program the board we designed to do something! The best part was, that I'd already done this a couple of weeks ago!

Done the week before

When we had to design the barebones board, I wanted to check if it was working so I programmed it a week ago. I used the created fab programmer to be able to program the board. I tried to connect both the programmer and the board, and found that the board was not identified. I disconnected and reconnected everything and it worked. I downloaded the echo demo unto the board and tested it in a Linux VM. The program doesn't work exactly as downloaded in Mac Os because of the way that the USB drives are identified. When I tried it on the linux VM, I saw that I was getting some garbage back instead of the echo. Whenever I typed in something into the console and sent it, I was getting an echo with garbage. I checked the FTDI headers and saw that they were loose/falling out. I soldered them back on and fixed the issue

Board's Death

Sadly, the FTDI headers in the board ended falling out and breaking the traces. I have to re-mill another board soon to fix this. Instead of remilling the same board, I'll just mill the LED panel that I want to use for my final project.

The end of a legacy.