Styrogami: it's like origami but with styrofoam

For my final project I wanted like to build a foam cutting machine that can be used by kids to make drawing in 2d that can be cut in 3d.
My idea is that they would cut various pieces of a big model and then assemble it together. I was inspired by this open source project,
where any 2d drawing is revolved and transformed into an stl model. The people who built this demo envisioned it being used with 3d printers but in my experience of working
3d printing and kids, the process it's always too slow and final resuls most of the time miss their expectations.

For this reason I decided to use styrofoam and nichrome wire for building the geometry. My idea was that these two materials are easy to source and affordable. The problem is that
many of existing styrofoam exhausts toxic fumes when burned so before starting this project I did some research to see if I could source material that would be compostable and safe to
use with kids. I went to MaterialsConnexions database and found this Melodea foam that was just perfect for the project.

My design + fabrication process and how I integrate all the different techniques and fabrication methods:

  • Demo cut path generation

  • Current progress