Bike Helmet

The goal of the composites week is to design and make a 3D mold and produce a fiber composite part in it.
The lecture covered materials and processes to make composites.

For this week project I decided to make a bike helmet. I need one and it seamed it would be a good application for the durability of the material.
I used a model I found on Thingyverse cut it on the shopbot by using the recommended settings for the construction foam we were using for this week.

Before preparing my epoxy I tried multiple strategies for drapping my mold with burlap.
As per Neil's suggestion I decided to draw the pressure points and cut the burlap in those places to allow it to go in the holes during the vacuum process.
I also used metalic pins to hold the burlap in place

The final result was not perfect but I am quite happy with it. I used a Dremel to polish the edges and multiple tools to clean out the foam
I am planning to add padding and paint it next.


  • Composite: material made from 2+ materials with different properties to produce new characteristics
  • Robotic material: composite that include sensing, actuation, computation, or communication
  • Burlap: jute fabric; also called Hessian
  • Epoxy: a resin that combines two chemical components to result in a different, hardened one