Programm the Hello FTDI board

This week in HTMaA the assignment was to program the HelloFTDI board that we made during week 5. The HelloFTDI board features an ATTiny44 chip which I have connected a red LED and momentary push button to two of the GPIO pins.

In order to program this board I had to first program the FabISP programmer I made earlier in the semester. After a bit of hunting around I located an ISP and FTDI cable that I could use for programming my boar.

Programming worked on the first try. The hello.ftdi.44.echo.c program compiled and uploaded to the board successfully. I used GNU Screen as a serial terminal by running the following command:

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

The helloFTDI board echoed back anything I typed as expected.

After that I wanted to get my LED to blink by using this example code hello.arduino.328P.blink.c to program to the ATTiny44 so I started reading the datasheet.

When I had the LED on my HelloFTDI board blinking I wanted to interact with it using the push button.

   // main loop
   while (1) {
     if (btn_read) {
       set(led_port, led_pin);
     } else {
       clear(led_port, led_pin);