Week 2: Electronics Design

This week my aim was to acquaint myself with circuit design. I began designs on my a circuit for my final project but soon realized my knowledge remained insufficient to fully understand what parts and additional I/O I would need. Instead I recreated the echo-helloworld board with an LED, button, and ATtiny44.


At first the milling process gave me a number of problems. For whatever reason the computer did not see the serial port and I had to restart a couple of times before it did. Even after that the pattern exported by eagle was milled to be 2x the size it should have been. I was able to fix this by doubling the resolution of the PNG viewer in the milling mod. I think this is due to a bug where eagle exports images to be too large if you have a retina display.

I then managed to mill the board but the tool could not quite make it into everywhere so I had to change my design to include a 0Ω resister to jump a trace.

This time it worked and I stuffed the board. Sadly the stock was all out of 2x3 pin headers. I'll have to scrounge one before I go to program the board.