As of week 3, I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do. Currently, I am interested in hydroponics.

As time went on, I moved away from hydroponics and to insulation. I planned on creating a bento box that had specific compartments to keep some food items hot and some cold.

Then I decided to switch. I wanted to make a 'BlendBottle,' a shaker bottle that can blend.


1. Research

I started the project by researching blenders and how they work. The major takeaways were that Blenders can get up to 3 horsepower. I also learned the typical Blender is usually 300-500 watts, or .67 Horsepower.

Then I looked into motors and how to connect them to a battery and a fan. From there I investigated more into how circuits work.

Finally I looked at cup design.

2. Plan Once I did the research I made a plan as to how to approach the project. My plan is

1. Design the entire blendbottle

2. 3D print the bottle 3. Create the fan 4. Connect it to the battery 5. connect it to the motor 6. create a button and switch for the circuit 7. Place the battery, fan, and motor into the bottom of the bottle