. Shani's Fabrication Attempts
Shani Learns How to Make [Almost] Anything

About Shani Rokman



In the second year of my MBA at MIT Sloan, I decided I want to get out of the classroom and actualy build something. As a design loving, electrical engineer, I wanted to acquire the complementary skills that would enable me to independantly create products (or at least prototypes).

I am passionate about fashion, furniture, and wearables and excited to incorporate technology and design into smart, useful, and beutiful products.

Join me in my journey of how I learned to make (almost) anyting!


Week by week fabrication progress

Computer Aided Design

Week 1

Computer Controlled Cutting

Week 2

Electronics Production

Week 3

3D scanning and printing

Week 4

Electronics Design

Week 5

computer-controlled machining

Week 6

Embedded Programming

Week 7

Molding and Casting

Week 8

Input Devices

Week 9


Week 10

Output Devices

Week 11

Interface & Application Programming

Week 12


Week 13

Machine Building

Week 14

Alternating Picture Frame

Final Project