How to Make (Almost) Anything 2016
MAS.863 (4.140)
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Samuel Belden

I am an undergraduate student at MIT seeking a degree in Material Science and Engineering. I love to make things, and, while I have a ton of project ideas, I don't necessarily have the fabrication experience to bring these projects into a reality.

The purpose of this class is to literally make anything and everything that your mind is capable of imagining. It teaches cadding and computer design skills, mechanical and electrical fabrication, embedded programming and web development, team dynamics, and project and time management. This website will document my progress (and struggles) with this amazing class.

Weekly Assignments

From embedded programming to casting and large format machining.

Computer-Aided Design

Week 0

Computer Cutting

Week 1

Electronics Production

Week 2

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 3

Electronics Design

Week 4

Computer Machining

Week 5

Embedded Programming

Week 6

Molding & Casting

Week 7

Input Devices

Week 8


Week 9

Output Devices

Week 10

Interface/Application Programming

Week 11

Networking and Communications

Week 12

Machine Design

Week 13

Final Project

Work in Progress!