As a part of this week’s project, we were tasked with coming up with our final project idea and creating a rough design of it. My first idea was to create a smart table, inspired by previous projects done by the Mobile Experience Lab at MIT. They had done a project with Marriott where they created a table that showed how one another were connected with each other.

From this experience and my interest in developing new technologies that change how we interface with our world, I thought it would be great to have a smart table that I could put in the living room in my new apartment. To scope the project, I decided to just focus on embedding speakers into the table and create a protocol to allow the transfer of music from someone’s phone to the speakers when they had placed their phone down on the table. I already knew that there are some limitations to this as it’s not possible to do the touch interface with Bluetooth, but I think there is a potential using an NFC sensor embedded into the top of the table.

Smart Table Design

Smart Table Schematic