For this week, I wanted to make a device that takes a mic input and displays it out an LED output, changing the LED intensity based on the sound amplitude and the color based on the frequency.

I went ahead and designed a board in Eagle, as can be seen below:

input out devices

The circuit is basically a combination of the input mic circuit and the output RGB LED circuit as I have enough pins on the AT Tiny 45.

I went ahead and milled the board:

Milling process: milling process

Post mill: milling complete

Fully stuffed with components: stuffed board

After milling, I decided to try programming the board! Thankfully, it programmed successfully. My initial program was just the PWM LED code. Here’s a video of it working!

Unfortunately, when I tried to program the mic circuit, I wasn’t able to get any output to show up to the LED and just stayed on a single color :( I’m not 100% sure what happened, some of the traces definitely don’t look great because of a lot of heat gun that seemed to melt the copper a bit but I’m not really sure what else could be wrong.